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Multiple charts

To view more than one symbol at a time or to look at one particular symbol in multiple time frames, or both, you'll need to add additional charts to your layout.  This is easily done using the New Chart button on the toolbar.

As you add charts to your layout they come up tabbed one behind the other and you can access each chart by clicking on its tab. You can rearrange the charts by clicking one of the display options.  When in tabbed mode, you can rearrange the order of the charts by clicking on the tab and dragging it right or left.


Multiple time frames for one symbol

If you want to see multiple time frames of the same symbol, just click on each chart and set the desired time frame.  In tabbed mode, the tabs are labeled with the symbol and the time frame of the chart.

Multiple symbols

If you want to view multiple symbols at the same time, click on the symbol of each chart, type in the symbol you want to view on that chart and click the "only this chart" option. Keep in mind that once you do this, that chart will remain locked on that symbol until you change it. Clicking a symbol in the watchlist or selecting a symbol from Symbol Search will not change the symbol on this chart. To "unlock" the symbol, click on the symbol and click the "change back to main symbol" link.


You can free up more space for the charts by clicking the "Chartt Full Screen" button in the upper right corner of the chart section (or click View | Show Full Screen Chart) to hide the watchlist/portfolio/news section.


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