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FreeStockCharts.com is the easiest way to analyze winning trades, track your profits, or get a quick market update. It takes about 10 seconds to get started ... so what are you waiting for?

  • Includes all of today's most cutting edge indicators
  • Robust drawing toolbox with trendlines, Fibs, shapes, Ganns and more
  • Works in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browsers on PC or MAC
  • U.S. stocks stream in real-time, Canadian update end-of-day
  • Hundreds of built-in watchlists including industries and ETF's
  • Covers over 8000 stocks and indexes with 25 years of history
  • Intraday and end-of-day charts update live from BATS Exchange
  • Fast-type ticker/company search or spacebar through charts
  • Live integrated news stories from over 40 sources
  • Intraday and end-of-day charts
  • Remembers your work from computer to computer
  • Free & no exchange fees

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Take your website or blog to another level with live, streaming, realtime content. It's easier than you think. You customize a chart with your own size, colors, symbol, indicators, etc. Then you copy a script to your web page. Your site will then be connected directly to the stock exchange with no delay! There are a variety of widgets available including fully-interactive charts and watchlists. Get started today.

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