FreeStockCharts Premium

IMPORTANT: Please note that better prices for data feeds are available at TC2000.

Run FreeStockCharts Premium

Premium $19.99/month

  • Ad Free, no interruptions
  • Create and save custom layouts
  • Write notes on-the-fly to track your thoughts
  • Split and note markers on your charts
  • Option to purchase real-time data feeds and premium services
  • Option to install to desktop and run outside of your browser
    • Note: You can still access your account from any browser on any computer
  • Float windows & run across multiple monitors
  • Full chart drawing toolset
  • Sort charts by dragging between any two points in time
  • Link symbols & time frames between windows
  • Link industry watchlist and related items to stock you are viewing
  • Create conditions based on intraday time frames
  • Access to additional indicators:
    • Kaufman Efficiency Ratio
    • Price Zone Oscillator
    • Volume Zone Oscillator
  • Export historical price & indicators from chart

Data feeds and additional features:

Real-time U.S. Stocks $39.99/month (covers all non-professional exchange fees)

  • High-speed streaming real-time feeds for NYSE, NYSE MKT, Nasdaq, Pinks & Bulletin Boards
  • Best bid & ask quotes and markers on chart
  • Plot pre & post market data
  • Plot tick charts
    • Note: All alerts & scans run in real-time when this service is activated

Real-time U.S. Indexes $9.99/month (covers all non-professional exchange fees)

  • Realtime indexes for S&P, Dow Jones, Russell, Nasdaq 
  • Realtime sector & industry averages

EasyScan® $14.99/month

  • Unlimited intraday scanning of any watchlists

Alerts $14.99/month (requires real-time)

  • Set Alerts on Indicators, Charts & Drawings
  • Any indicator or trendline on a chart can be watched for you
  • Simply right-click on the item and choose "set alert"'s completely custom.
  • You set the time-frame, parameters and conditions
  • Notifications can be sent to your mobile phone, email or inside your software
  • Your computer does not need to remain on. Our servers monitor your conditions and notify you the second they trigger

Streaming Scans $25/month

  • Let's you stream EasyScan® results dynamically in real-time eliminating the need to manually press the refresh button

Fundamental Charts: $9.99/month

  • Plot historical fundamentals on your charts
  • Create conditions from historical fundamentals combined with technical indicators
  • Create alerts based on fundamental plots

Mutual Funds: $9.99/month

  • Daily prices and dividends on over 29,000 funds
  • Historical data going back over 25 years

Corporate Calendar: $3.99/month

  • Displays upcoming earnings dates, conference calls, general meetings, etc.

Live Briefs® by MT Newswires: Pro $50.00/month, Investor $8.00/month

  • Full day, multi-asset coverage of US and Canadian financial markets
  • Industry-leading analysis of corporate earnings events and related price impact
  • Complete, real-time coverage of both extended and regular hours
  • Zero noise and only premium, streaming coverage from a recognized leader in financial market news
  • Live Briefs Pro includes Insider Activity, EPS/Revenue guidance and flashes, Operating Metrics, MT Insider and Earnings Notebook